Dorm life ...

Our dormitory offers several shared used spaces, including:

  • a large greened roof garden with deckchairs and BBQ
  • an in-house bar
  • a welcoming lounge with foosball and a billiard table
  • a shared kitchen, a TV room and a living room with an extensive (board) game collection

Additionally, events like movie nights, BBQ nights, nights in the in-house bar, foosball tournaments or other sportive events outside the dormitory are regulary offered.

... and self-management

Our self-management works reliably and tries to satisfy any necessities of the residents. We try to resolve any issues by ourselves - therefore all residents have the duty to actively participate. Contribute what you do best: Responsbilities include the common rooms, roof garden, organising the bar and the IT as well as arranging group events. Each resident must vacuum clean their stairwell once per term.

History of the dormitory

The founder

Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Marchionini was a dermatologist, ordinary professor aswell as the vice chancellor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München from 1952 to 1955.

He was a fatherly friend and advisor of his students and strongly encouraged the communication of French and Israeli students to strengthen the international understanding.

Furthermore he was a co-founder of the association 'Geschwister Scholl Studentenwohnheim e.V.' which was established in order to tackle the housing shortage of students in the 1950s.


Several years before his death, plans evolved to found this foundation. Collaboratively with his spouse, Mrs. Dr. med. Mathilde Marchionini, née Soetbeer, the couple announced that their estate should be used for the construction of a dormitory and for the funding of indigent students with the 'Alfred and Mathilde Marchionini foundation".

Prof. Dr. Alfred Marchionini passed away on the April 6, 1965 at the age of 66. Right before her death, Dr. Mathilde Marchionini announced that her name in the foundation should be exchanged with the name of her father-in-law Karl - Therefore honouring the man of whom her husband inherited its values. After Dr. Mathilde Marchionini died in 1967 - just two years after her husband's death - the charitable 'Karl - and Alfred Marchionini-foundation' kicked off its work.

Edification of the dormitory

The Marchionini dormitory was built right before the start of the summer olympic games 1972. Architect was Werner Wirsing, who as well projected the pavilions of the olympic village. During the games the dormitory accommodated referees. The first students moved in autumn 1972.

Due to a collaborative administration network the Marchionini-dormitory has always been co-managed by the Schollheim which serves mutual interests.